Kristin E. Stattels' Troubled Teens Survivor Network
Kristin E. Stattel, founder of is a survivor of the Troubled Teen Industry. Working hard as an advocate for the rights of youth who are institutionalized, spreading the message of how complex and serious this cause is, Kristin decided to start this website, as a source for families. Kristin has spoken about her experiences as a former victim, now survivor of the Industry. Attended SUWS of the Carolinas, Academy at Swift River, Peninsula Village, and Meridell Achievement Center, as an adolescent, and now is here to help others learn the truths of the dangers of this Industry. Frustrated with doing everything in her power to spread the message, Kristin decided to start as an effort to continue to assist in educating others about the Industry. Survivor of institutional child abuse, and now here to stand up for all youths and families rights regarding "behavior modification". There is no excuse when it comes to abuse, and especially in the name of treatment.
Kristin has spoken in Washington D.C. and also to other advocates, joining forces to make the fight for at risk teens and their families a strong one. Never to give up until justice prevails for each and every victim, survivor, and all future youth and families.